Water-based intumescent coating composed of resins and special fillers and is designed for fire protection of steel structures.

In the event of a fire, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the material to expand and form an insulating layer that prevents the temperature of the steel from rising to the critical level.
For normal interior application, PROMAPAINT-SC3 can be used without any additional protective finish or decoration. For outdoor, semi-exposed, or high humidity applications, it is necessary to add a finishing coat - See the Protective or decorative coating section.

PROMAPAINT-SC3 can be used specifically in areas where the application of solvent-based products is considered an environmental risk. Examples of such areas are: hospitals, health centres, schools, public buildings or indeed any building that is occupied or in occupied areas. PROMAPAINT-SC3 is preferably applied by spraying, with airless painting equipment, to improve the speed and quality of the finish. Application with brush and roller is also possible.
PROMAPAINT-SC3 is supplied ready for use and must not be diluted (only in special cases: dilution can be done with a maximum of 5% water - see 5. Application).

It must be thoroughly agitated with a rotor-type mixer before application, regardless of whether it is applied by airless, brush or roller. It can be applied directly to the contour of primed profiles of type I, H beams and columns and hollow sections, to provide the necessary levels of fire resistance. In relation to the legal requirements for the adequate protection of exposed workers and public health and safety, safety sheets can be requested from Promat. You should ALWAYS read the safety data sheet before working with the PROMAPAINT-SC3 product.

The following types (families) of primers are recommended and are generally compatible with PROMAPAINT-SC3, according to the DEE document (ETA) and the DITE Guide 018-2:

• Alkyd primers
• Two-component epoxies
• Zinc silicate (inorganic zinc)
• Zinc-rich epoxy (organic zinc)
• Coatings with 96% zinc

For any other type of primer, please consult the Promat technical department.
The thickness of the primer must be measured and recorded before the application of PROMAPAINT-SC3, in order to accurately check the thickness of the paint during and after application. The thickness of the completely dry film must be measured, within a minimum of 7 days. Use can be made of a magnetic electronic dry film thickness gauge.

White color.
Buckets: 25Kg metallic.

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