Epoxy self-leveling flooring, two-component or three-component (with silica), solvent-free, with excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Indicated as a glossy finish for interior floors.

• Does not contain solvents.
• Good adhesion on almost any type of surface.
• Excellent resistance to abrasion and impacts.
• Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.
• Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures (between –20ºC and + 80ºC).
• Completely waterproof. Resists permanent contact with water. Resistant to hydrolysis and attack by microorganisms.
• Once cured it provides non-toxic pavements.

Before applying the product, check that the support is clean and free of traces of oil, grease, silicone, contaminating waxes or soil materials. If repair is needed, apply appropriate mortars.

• Very useful in all types of construction companies, quick repair contracts, general masonry, community maintenance, building repair and restoration, high-resistance epoxy industrial flooring, etc.
Of application in:
• Treatment, decoration, protection of pavements and rehabilitation of: Industrial floors, food floors, floors with chemical resistance, floors with intense vehicle traffic, shopping centers. cold rooms, etc.
• Treatment of concrete and mortar pavements for their protection and resistance to wear.
• Obtaining synthetic epoxy mortars heavily loaded with quartz sand, for repair and for the execution of pavements with thicknesses greater than 2 mm, floated with a trowel or appropriate screw trowel.
• Filling and leveling of supports.

Color: RAL colors according to chart.
Comp.A: 4Kg. Comp.B: 15Kg.
Comp.A: 20Kg. Comp.B: 5Kg. Comp.C: 25Kg (epox silica)

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